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COAX Mapper & Tone Generator with Remotes only $29.95!

Specialized Products Company

COAX Mapping Tester & Tone Generator

COAXtracker Cable Mapper Includes 4 Remotes

New CT100 COAXtracker is designed to quickly troubleshoot coax cable runs up to 3000'. Perfect for the CATV, security or A/V installer, the COAXtracker comes complete with 4 color-coded F-type attenuators (remotes), 4 BNC adapters, an F-to-BNC adapter and 6V battery.
  • Displays PASS, OPEN or SHORT indications with simple one-button operation
  • Maps up to 4 individual coax runs back to a central bundle
  • Tests multi-run coax cables (F-connector type)
  • Compatible with Belden coax cable types: 8259, 9310, 9259, 8241A, 9275 and all coax with "F" and BNC connectors

SPC Part No. 686X400 | SPC Model No. CT100 | Price: $39.00