AEMC Fused Test Leads Kit

NEW Set of Fused, UL Approved Test Leads

AEMC Instruments introduces its high capacity fused (red/black) test lead set. They are rated up to 1000V, CAT IV in accordance with IEC/EN 61010-031. These leads are essential to the technician who is exposed to potentially lethal currents especially in high energy environments. The closer the fuse to the connection, the better protection this test leads kit provides for the technician.

These leads allow for the use of standard 4mm safety probes and alligator clips providing a fuse-protected measurement. The insulation on these allows them to remain pliable even in colder temperatures. To replace the fuse in either lead, the two part fuse connector can be easily unscrewed. The safety rating of the leads is dependent on the fuse rating. While some meters are low cost, the cost of adding fused test leads will increase the value of the meter. The money spent on fused leads is a viable investment towards the overall protection and safety of the end-user.


  • Rated up to 1000V CAT IV, UL approved
  • Protection against lethal currents for users
  • Can be used with standard 4mm safety probes and alligator clips
  • Insulation is pliable even in cold temperatures
  • Easy to replace
AEMC Fusion Test Leads
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