New FOCIS Duel Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System from AFL

FOCIS Duel is a self-contained twin-ported Bluetooth connected fiber optic connector inspection probe with integrated screen. The first port (right hand side Port 1) is fully featured, identical to AFL's FOCIS Flex. The second port (left hand side Port 2) has fast and convenient female "click-in" adapters, auto-focus and 2X zoom capabilities. The FOCIS Duel can perform IEC, IPC, AT&T and user-defined end-face cleanliness analysis and store Port 1 images and reports locally. The AFL FOCIS App (iOS and Android) provides a comprehensive and user-friendly feature set as well as connectivity with AFL's cloud-based aeRos® workflow automation platform.


  • Auto-focus (both ports) and auto-centering (Port 1) for fast, easy inspection
  • Self-contained, tether-free, compact, hand-held inspection solution
  • IEC 61300-3-35 (2015), IPC 8497-1, AT&T TP-76461 and user-defined auto-inspection (Port 1)
  • Available with more than three dozen tips supporting all commonly used connector types, including MPO/MTP multi-fiber connectors and bulkheads
  • Rechargeable, field-replaceable NiMH battery lasts more than 8 hours
  • Snout and adapter tip slots eliminate loosening during normal operation
  • Fast 1X/2X zoom toggle

Optional Adapter Tips for FOCIS DUEL

  Stock No. Part No. Adapter Tip Type
812X319 812X319 FFLX-01-SC SC/UPC Bulkhead
812X317 812X317 FFLX-01-FC FC/UPC Bulkhead
812X321 812X321 FFLX-01-ST ST/UPC Bulkhead
812X318 812X318 FFLX-01-LC LC/UPC Bulkhead
812X325 812X325 FFLX-01-U25 Universal 2.5 mm UPC Ferrule
812X323 812X323 FFLX-01-U125 Universal 1.25 mm UPC Ferrule
812X316 812X316 FFLX-01-ASC SC/APC Bulkhead
812X314 812X314 FFLX-01-AFC FC/APC Bulkhead
812X315 812X315 FFLX-01-ALC LC/APC Bulkhead
812X313 812X313 FFLX-01-A25 Universal 2.5 mm APC Ferrule
812X312 812X312 FFLX-01-A125 Universal 1.25 mm APC Ferrule
812X372 812X372 FFLX-4S-AFC Quad-Slot Tip FC-APC
812X374 812X374 FFLX-4S-ALC Quad-Slot Tip LC-APC
812X376 812X376 FFLX-4S-ASC Quad-Slot Tip SC-APC
812X356 812X356 FDUO-01-A125 1.25mm APC Tip
812X358 812X358 FDUO-01-A25 2.5mm APC Tip
812X360 812X360 FDUO-01-ALC Female Tip LC-APC
812X362 812X362 FDUO-01-ASC Female Tip SC-APC
812X364 812X364 FDUO-01-U125 1.25mm UPC Tip
812X366 812X366 FDUO-01-U25 2.5mm UPC Tip
812X368 812X368 FDUO-01-ULC Female Tip LC-UPC
812X370 812X370 FDUO-01-USC Female Tip SC-UPC

AFL FOCIS Duel models chart
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