AFL Slash Splicing and Termination Time for High-Density Cables

To meet the exploding bandwidth demand without increasing the physical space requirements, new technologies such as optical fibers in a rollable ribbon structure and thinner 200 µm fiber coatings are being deployed. For example, AFL's Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) containing SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) dramatically increases the fiber count possible for specific cable diameter.

Efficiently connecting and terminating these high-density cables has taken on more importance due to the sheer numbers involved during installation. The new Fujikura 90R ribbon splicer enables up to 12 fibers to be spliced at once and has unique automation functions that significantly reduce splicing time. For termination, AFL's FUSEConnect® MPO Splice-on connectors slash the time it takes to terminate high-density cables with 12-fiber MPO connectors.

Splicers and splice on connectors are part of AFL's industry-leading high density multifiber solutions. Want more information? Contact Specialized Sales at 800-866-5353.