EXFO EtherCHK test solutions

Easy-to-use and portable, the EtherCHK testers include all the test options needed to test RFC 2544 and EtherSAM (Y.1564). The kit also includes EtherBERT, traffic generation and monitoring (TGEN) and dual‑port testing.

EtherCHK-100G kit: a comprehensive solution to maximize field technician productivity and optimize field testing efficiency.

EXFO EtherCHK models

Key features and benefits

  • For EtherCHK-1G and EtherCHK1-10G, the custom-designed platform offers 64 GB of onboard memory, including a micro SD card interface (massively expanding the memory)
  • The EtherCHK-100G is based on a powerful custom‑designed platform equipped with a quad-core CPU, three USB ports and a micro SD card interface. It supports 10M, 100M, 1000M, 1GE, 10GE and 100GE testing.
  • Ultra-bright 8-inch multitouch screen
  • Built-in connectivity—Choose between Gigabit interface, optional WiFi and Bluetooth®, and 3G or 4G LTE via USB dongle
  • Users can take advantage of all the benefits that the Windows 10 operating system offers
  • Easy remote access capabilities via Remote Desktop, built-in VNC or third-party applications
  • Lightweight and portable solution designed for field engineers or cell technicians installing, troubleshooting and maintaining backhaul or carrier Ethernet etworks
  • Dual-port testing up to 100G, depending on the EtherCHK model
  • EtherSAM, RFC 2544, TGEN, EtherBERT, Through mode, Smart loopback and second‑port loopback tool

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