Fiber patch cables, fiber optic attenuators, connection adapters and fiber optic loopback plugs are designed to bring flawless performance for all of your telecom and networking needs at a reasonable price. These fiber optic products are developed specifically with telecom engineers in mind and are most commonly used at computer work stations, patch panels and optical cross connect distribution centers. Specialized Products Company features various types of fiber optic patch cable solutions from a wide selection of vendors including: Corning®, FiberXP™, AFL, NOYES® and EXFO.

fiber attenuators

Fiber Attenuators ►

Fiber optic attenuators are tools used in fiber optics communications to test power level margins by temporarily adding a calibrated amount of signal loss for product testing and equipment maintenance. Specialized Products sells both variable (adjustable) attenuators and fixed attenuators which can reduce the power of fiber light at values up to 20dB. We carry fiber optic attenuators to complement a broad range of different connector ends and cables including those with duplex or simplex FC, SC, ST, or LC ends. These fiber attenuators can be used for either multimode or single mode cables.

Fiber Connector Adapters

Fiber Connector Adapters ►

Fiber optic couples or fiber adapters are devices that allow two different terminating ends of separate fiber optic patch cables to connect and pass data along to another cable with a minimal loss of light or data without contact from outside constituents. Specialized Products offers fiber optic couplers/adapters for almost any possible connection combination you may have, including bare fiber cables. Our coupler inventory includes, but is not limited to, duplex or simplex FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ-ST, MTP connectors and bare fiber connectors for multimode or single mode cables.

Fiber Loopback Plugs

Fiber Loopback Plugs ►

High-performance fiber optic loopback plugs, loopback adapters, loopback cables or fiber optic loopback modules (incorporating two fiber optic connectors) are designed for network diagnostics, testing the transmission capability and receiver sensitivity of network equipment and other measurement applications. Specialized Products offers FiberXP™ ergonomic and durable fiber optic loopback plugs of two types: a loopback with cable parts on the body, and a loopback plug connector with a hard shell case protecting exposed fiber. The FiberXP loopbacks features:

  • Molded A and B channel markers
  • Long thumb release
  • Jacket Style: PVC
  • Color options for easy connection of loopback plugs and other devices

Fiber Patch Cables

Fiber Patch Cables ►

Fiber optic patch cables are becoming extremely popular in both the telecommunications and the networking industry. They provide greater bandwidth and far greater efficiency in comparison to the conventional communication medium of copper wires. Multimode fiber optic patch cables are used for most general short-distance fiber applications such as adding segments to an existing network. Single mode fiber optic patch cables, made with 9µm Corning Fiber, allow data to be transferred at distances over 50 times greater than multimode cables and are most applicable where low signal loss and high data rates are required. At Specialized Products, we carry both multimode fiber optic patch cables and single mode fiber optic cables featuring:

  • Lengths ranging from 1m to 10 m
  • Duplex and simplex formats
  • Different connection types including FC, SC, ST, LC, and MTRJ
  • Tested 100% for insertion loss and back reflection

MTP/MPO Fan-Outs

MTP/MPO Fan-Outs ►

MTP / MPO breakout fiber patch cables are offered in 8-core, 12-core and 24-core plenum cable with OFNP-rated fire-retardant plastic jackets. These Fan Outs feature MTP connectors that break out into duplex LC connectors. Designed for 40GB Ethernet applications, these cables feature :

  • MTP/female – LC (duplex) connections
  • 50µm OM3 bend-insensitive Corning fiber (ClearCurve)
  • Round cable, OFNP jacket
  • Fan-out length 24 in.