Rugged Solar Off-Grid Solar Power


Rugged Solar provides high quality, off-grid solar panels ranging in output from less than 1 watt to 60 watts or more. They are frameless panels that are thinner, and lighter than conventional glass-laminated solar panels, as well as completely waterproof (j-box must be potted). Modules are made of monocrystalline, high-efficiency cells to provide unmatched reliability and performance. These tough solar panels are available in stock as Standard Solar Panels or can be customized to your power and voltage needs, into a variety of shapes and can even be built directly into the end-product tooled parts. Solar panel durability is guaranteed to withstand the most extreme environments and to meet the most demanding job requirements! For more information, contact our Sales Team at (800) 866-5353.


  • Solar PV (photovoltaic) modules have a smaller footprint than conventional glass-laminated panels of the same output.
  • Rugged solar panels are 40% lighter and are designed to operate on mobile or fixed devices.
  • They are extremely thin (generally less than 5mm), lightweight, frameless, solar panels that are tolerant to vibration, and virtually indestructible.
  • Solar panels are waterproof! Connections are made via a junction box (must be potted) so that no water will penetrate the panel.
  • Order customized solar panels for unique shapes and wattage needs. Rugged panel can be made from a variety of substrate materials and built into customer-specified form factors, as well.
  • Buy now - 6V, 12V and 24V solar panels in stock!
Rugged Solar In-Use



Application Industries Served
Battery back-up systems

Marine Buoys & Signals
Expedition, Portable Electronics

Battery conditioning

Tracking & Smart Logistics

Public safety & Signage


Government, Construction, Emergency Communications
Environmental Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

Remote Robotics
Oil & Gas exploration and production, Pipeline gathering and distribution, Chemical processing, Wind & Seismic monitoring

Remote Pumps Irrigation, Flow Control Systems
Security Systems Telecom


Why choose Rugged Solar Panels?

Our Rugged Solar series of durable solar panels are manufactured to the most rigorous specifications in the market today. As a result, they are stronger, lighter and last longer than virtually any other small PV panel offered by competitors. Our team of highly experienced photovoltaic, electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineers designs, develops and manufactures high quality, specialized products. This is unlike conventional solar manufacturers that focus on high volume, low-cost products targeting retail distribution. The available customization options offered through manufacturing ensure panels meet your exact specifications. For remote and off grid applications, our Rugged Solar panels are often the only economically viable and reliable option to use.

Rugged Solar In-Use

Key advantages of Rugged Solar panels:

  • We use high efficiency mono c-SI solar cells to optimize the power density of the solar module.
  • Our frameless solar panels are extremely thin and up to 40% lighter than glass laminated panels reducing transport and storage costs.
  • Standard solar panels are made with a flame retardant FR-4 substrate.
  • The manufacturing process uses a liquid polymer that fully encapsulates and protects the solar cells and connections into a chemically bonded, monolithic panel.
  • Rugged solar panels have NO glass making them resistant to stress and moisture while allowing for the normal thermal expansion movement of the solar cells without cracking, shunting, moisture penetration, delamination, or other failures.
  • Our tough solar panels are slightly flexible and stand up extremely well to constant vibration, high winds and harsh weather.
Rugged Solar In-Use


Rugged solar panels carry a 5-year limited warranty on manufacturer’s defects and a 10-year warranty on output, but have been known to operate under some of the toughest environmental conditions for more than fifteen years. They are able to withstand the higher level of abuse common to off-grid, mobile applications. This far exceeds almost all small (less than 50 watts) conventional glass-laminated panels which have an expected useful life of less than 5 years, or other specialty thin panels (such as PET and ETFE laminates) which rarely last more than 2 years. Due to the long life of these PV panels, the total cost of ownership can be far less than any alternatives. Their enhanced reliability significantly reduces replacement and service costs, including unpredictable costs attributed to down-time.


When increased power output is needed, multiple solar panels of the same specification can be connected in series or parallel. When solar panels are connected in series, the total output (watts) and voltage (volts) will be cumulative, while the current (amps) will remain the same as for an individual panel. When connected in parallel, the total output (watts) will be cumulative, while the voltage (volts) and current (amps) will remain the same as for an individual solar panel.

Series Connected Solar Panels:

They can be string-connected in series (referring to Diagram 1), connecting the positive terminal of one module to the negative of the next, to increase the voltage. The individual voltage of each solar panel is additive, and the current stays the same. In other words, if each solar panel in Diagram 1 has a nominal output of 24 volts / 2 amps, then the total voltage of the solar array/system would be 24 + 24 + 24 + 24 = 96 volts, and the current would stay at 2 amps.

Diagram 1

Parallel Connected Panels:

Solar panels can also be connected in parallel - connecting the positive terminal of the first solar panel to the positive terminal of the next panel, and negative terminal of the first solar panel to the negative terminal of the next, to increase the current (see Diagram 2). The individual amps of each solar panel are additive and the voltage stays the same. If each solar panel in Diagram 2 has a nominal output of 24 volts / 2 amps, then the total current of the solar array/system would be 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 amps, and the voltage would stay at 24 volts.

Diagram 2


Standard PV Solar Panels

Specialized Products Company stocks a selection of Rugged Solar panels that range in output up to 25W, 6V/12V/24V dc. They provide renewable energy in any outdoor environment and are suited for a variety of extreme solar charging applications. Panels can be wired directly into your solar power system. These solar panels are in stock and ready to ship!

Custom Solar Panels

Custom solar panels can be made to exact specifications for any solar power system. Specialized waterproof solar panels can be customized in a variety of sizes and shapes that will provide up to 60 watts of output power. They can be customized to virtually any shape - including any polygon, round, oval, irregular and even domed shapes and offered using a number of substrates. Custom Rugged Solar photovoltaic panels are available in a variety of substrate options. CLICK HERE for more information and help on Custom Solar Panels.