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Zamp Solar Power Solutions

Zamp Solar is the leading 12-volt solar power solutions provider, and is proud to be the only manufacturer of "made in the USA" off-grid solar panels. Their solar panel kits can provide you with anywhere from 10 to 960 watts of power output by utilizing the latest manufacturing and design techniques. By leveraging the latest technology in Grade A monocrystalline photovoltaic modules, they supply the highest efficiency panels to their customers.

When coupled with the appropriate sized battery pack, their solar panels can be used for any off-grid power needs you may have. Off grid solar panels provide power for electronics, lights, small pumps, power tools, remote signage, remote tents and more. Any vehicle, boat or other equipment powered by 12-volt batteries can use Zamp's solar modules and kits to charge and maintain their batteries. Zamp Solar panels come in portable or roof-mount options for a more flexible power solution.


  • Solar panels designed and crafted in Bend, OR, USA providing the highest quality panels on the market
  • Portable and roof-mounted solar panels available
  • Solar modules have anti-reflective coated, tempered glass for maximum light absorption and power output
  • Grade A high efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic modules with the highest solar to power conversion efficiency
  • Anodized aluminum Omni-mount frame – lightweight and flexible mounting options
  • Hardwired / roof mount power output can be expanded up to 960 watts – 640-watt deluxe kit with two 160-watt expansion kits
  • Portable solar panel kits available from 40 to 200 watts with weatherproof charge controller

Portable Solar Charger Kits

903X275 Zamp Solar ZS-US-80-P 80-Watt Folding Portable Solar Kit connected to battery and inverter Back of 903X275 Zamp Solar ZS-US-80-P 80-Watt Folding Portable Solar Kit

Zamp portable solar charging kits supply reliable power, like the roof mounted solar kits, but come with the added flexibility of being easily transported and moved. This provides ease of use and the ability to place the solar panel in the path of direct sunlight for more consistent power throughout the day. These solar panel kits feature the durable Omni-Mount frame, weatherproof charge controller, sturdy tilt legs, ergonomic handles and battery clips or an SAE connector to plug into Zamp's solar-ready port. Select which panel suits your needs best and set up in less than 5 minutes!

Roof Mount Solar Modules

903X100  ZS-US-08100600 US 80-Watt Off-Grid Complete Solar Kit w/600W PSW Inverter Back of 903X100 ZS-US-08100600 US 80-Watt Off-Grid Complete Solar Kit w/600W PSW Inverter

All of Zamp Solar's US manufactured solar panels are designed with their unique Omni-Mount frame which allows for an easier, faster and more versatile installation. Optional stainless-steel mounting foot hardware ensures your panels stay in place throughout all of your journeys. With the included pre-assembled, flexible, UV-rated wiring harnesses, complex wiring is no longer an issue. Simply plug the SAE lead into the roof cap and you are good to go.

Customize your own solar panel kit, starting with a Roof Mount Solar Module. Choose your roof mount solar module. Add mounting feet, port roof cap (triple port or single port) and a solar charge controller. Add an inverter, if you need to connect common devices directly from your battery. Now you have a complete, customized roof mount solar panel kit!

Roof Mount Solar Panel Kits

These kits use Zamp roof mount solar modules that are made in the USA. They can include a charge controller, an inverter, roof caps, and mounting feet (depending on kit choice). Calculations have been done and components are sized to handle the electrical current each solar charge kit produces. Easy-to-install solar panel kits will charge all types of 12-volt batteries, including Lithium, with minimal tools required. For more options, see Zamp Solar Panels to customize your own solar panel charge kit.

Solar Power Inverters

ZP-600PS Zamp Solar Power Inverter

Zamp Solar power inverters give the freedom to power common devices directly from your battery. Our pure sine wave inverter selection is complete and offers you the choices needed for power.

Solar Charge Controllers

ZS-30A Zamp Solar Charge Controller

Zamp Solar offers the most comprehensive line of 5-stage PWM (pulse width modulation) digital charge controllers available. Designed for surface mounted applications, all charge controllers work with standard lead acid batteries, AGM, Gel, Calcium and new Lithium chemistries. In addition, remote monitors and temperature sensors are also available to ensure the most efficient solar charging possible.

Solar Panel Accessories

ZS-US-MF Universal mounting feet for US Panels ZS-3B-CAP Triple Port Roofcap - 3 x 10AWG ports w/6AWG Terminal

If you build your own solar panel kit or need replacement parts, a variety of solar panel accessories are available.

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