Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Zamp Solar

How to Install your Zamp Solar Panels

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Zamp Solar Portable Kits are a complete solar power solution for off-grid work and adventure. Check out this step-by-step video on how to easily set up your Zamp Solar Portable System.

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Zamp Solar Roof Mount Systems come complete with everything you need to simplify installation. This video explains the basics of setting up our Roof Mount Solar Panels to the roof of your RV.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Zamp Solar Panel installations

What batteries do you recommend?

To set up your RV with solar, you have a few options to choose from. Use 12V lead acid (wet), 12V AGM, 12V Lithium, 6V lead acid (wet) or 6V AGM. These are the most common batteries that we see in the RV world. Picking a battery depends on you, the RV owner and your off-grid power needs.

Twelve volt lead acid batteries are the most popular of the bunch and have low amp which unfortunately makes them the worst choice for RVing. 12-Volt AGM batteries are a good choice because they're maintenance free. In addition, if you run two in parallel, should one battery go down, you are still able to run your RV until you get a replacement. AGM 12-volt batteries also have a higher amp hour rating compared to their lead acid brothers. We often recommend 6V batteries because they have tons of power! The difference between 12V and 6V power is that 12V batteries have 80-100 amp hours and 6V batteries have 220 to 225 amp hours — that's a big power difference! Lithium batteries, while expensive, are great and they normally have amazing warranties!

What is an inverter and do I need one?

An inverter takes your battery voltage (12v) and turns it into 120v. This allows you to use your outlets while off-grid. When buying and inverter please make sure it’s a pure sine wave and has a remote on/off switch! At this time we do not sell inverters.

Do I need to tilt Zamp's roof panels?

No, it is not necessary to tilt our Zamp roof mount solar panels. These panels are manufactured with an anti-reflective coating that traps sunlight inside of the panel. You can tilt your panels if you would like, but it's not necessary.

Can I run two portables?

Yes. You can run two portables without an issue. You can run one through your side port and one wired to your batteries with the battery clamps. You can also install one more solar port for your second panel.

Can I mix and match Zamp roof panels?

Yes! You can mix any Zamp roof mount panel to help you maximize the space on your roof.

What tools are needed to install a Zamp roof mount solar panel system?

To install a Zamp roof mount solar panel, you will need a drill, drill bits, hole bit, zip ties, spray foam, socket set, screwdrivers, Dicor lap sealant and zip tie adhesive mounts.

How do I install your Omni-Mount Feet (ZS-MF-US)?

Installation is actually pretty simple. Click here to find step-by-step installation instructions.

Can I connect two charge controllers to the same battery bank (e.g. combine a roof mount system and a portable kit)?

Yes, two independent charge controllers can be connected directly to the battery as long as both controllers are set to the same battery type.

The charge controllers will not work properly if wired in series, one to the other.

Is the solar port reverse polarity?

No, but they are different from other brands of solar ports because all of our SAE plugs are polarity-protected for safety reasons. That means the positive pin on all of our SAE plugs is set back and covered to prevent accidental contact that could damage your panel, short your battery, or give you a pretty nasty shock. So, because of the polarity protection on our plugs, Zamp Solar ports are only compatible with Zamp Solar SAE plugs.

How can I tell if I need an unregulated solar panel?

Simply CLICK HERE and follow the steps in this field guide to determine if you will need an unregulated solar panel.