Pomona Electronics 3782-24-2 24

Pomona Electronics 3782-24-2 24" Minigrabber/Stack Banana, RED

Pomona Electronics 4650-36-0 36

Pomona Electronics 4650-36-0 36" Minigrabber/ Banana Plug, BLACK

Pomona 3788 BNC Female to Minigrabber Test Clip Breakout

The Pomona Electronics 3788 breakout converts BNC female jacks to Minigrabber® test clips for test versatility. Minigrabber test clip hooks attach to terminal sizes up to .060" diameter. The connector and test clip caps are molded directly onto the wire for pull strength durability plus dust and moisture resistance. Grabber hook and BNC center contact are gold-plated beryllium copper for optimum strength, excellent corrosion resistance and low contact resistance to ensure test signal integrity.
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