SPC81CY Electro-Mechanical Service Kit

SPC81CY Electro-Mechanical Service Kit, 10'' Yellow Wheeled

SPC81MLB Electro-Mechanical Service Kit

SPC81MLB Electro-Mechanical Service Kit, 9'' Mil-Style Case

SPC81CY-01 Electro-Mechanical Service Kit+DMM, 10'' Yellow Wheeled

The Specialized Products SPC81CY-01 Tool Kit, with a digital multimeter, is a comprehensive mobile solution for in-plant service and repair of mechanical equipment. It includes the most necessary tools and equipment such as pliers, cutters, soldering equipment, nutdrivers, sockets, wrenches, insulated terminals, connectors, plus other tools.

The SPC81CY-01 is supplied in a 10" yellow roto-rugged heavy-duty case with wheels. Measuring 17.5" x 14.5" x 10" (inside dimensions), this case weighs 48 pound complete with contents. The high-visibility luggage cart case with a wing pallet in the top and a standard pallet in the bottom (no tools) is also available separately. The Fluke 177 DMM is included. Tools come with lifetime warranties; the case has a one-year warranty.

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SPC81CY-01 Tool Kit List

 DescriptionStock Number
 CAT III 1000-V DMM w/ Backlight045X344
 6.5" Tongue and Groove Pliers019X420
 12" Tongue and Groove Plier019X532
 1 5/16" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip028X710
 Slip Joint Plier030X465
 Deluxe Desoldering Tool038X017
 T-Handle Reamer046X176
 26-Blade Thickness Gauge046X275
 Standard Diagonal Cutter060x018
 6" Standard Long-Nose Plier with Side Cutters060X020
 9" High-Leverage NE SideCutter060X038
 High-Leverage Cutter060X052
 High-Leverage Cable Cutter060X870
 16' Tape Measure062x062
 12" High Tension Hacksaw087x270
 Retractable Utility Knife087X400
 12-Oz. Ball Pein Hammer087X512
 Oval Pocket Mirror092X012
 Pick-Up Tool092X204
 3-Wire 60-W Soldering Iron104X800
 Large Precision Knife106X531
 3/16" Hollow Nutdriver108X320
 7/32" Hollow Nutdriver108X321
 1/4" Hollow Nutdriver108X322
 9/32" Hollow Nutdriver108X323
 5/16" Hollow Nutdriver108X324
 3/8" Hollow Nutdriver108X326
 7/16" Hollow Nutdriver108X327
 1/2" Hollow Nutdriver108X328
 9/16" Hollow Nutdriver108X329
 8 1/8" Slot Screwdriver108X550
 4 5/8" Slot Screwdriver108X558
 12 1/2" Slot Screwdriver108X568
 5 5/8" Slot Screwdriver108X580
 10 1/2" Slot Screwdriver108X596
 #0 Phillips Screwdriver108X800
 #1 Phillips Screwdriver108X801
 #2 Phillips Screwdriver108X802
 #3 Phillips Screwdriver108X803
 11PC SAE Combo Wrench Set167x020
 21PC 3/8" SAE Socket Set167x205
 13-Piece Balldriver Set175X927
 Safety Approved Flashlight248X460
 Alkaline "D" Battery 2/pkg250X032
 Lube-all Leak-Proof Oiler309X400
 7 Inch Vise-Grip Plier321X055
 10' Extension Cord366X396
 8-16 AWG Stranded T-Stripper370X214
 125V Receptacle Analyzer370X435
 360PC Electrical Terminal Kit510x905
 Wire Plier578X150
 Vinyl Electrical Tape598X475
 Electrical Cable Ties, 100/pkg599X105
 6" Cushion Grip Adjustable Wrench940x006
 Spectris Tool S2028 Wire Stripper, 16-26 AWG940X010
 Top Pallet for Roto-Rugged Case040X448
 Top Pallet for Roto-Rugged Case040X449
 Roto-Rugged, 10.5" Yellow Case with Wheels - No Pallets448X759

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