SPC81MLB Electro-Mechanical Service Kit

SPC81MLB Electro-Mechanical Service Kit, 9'' Mil-Style Case

SPC55 MRO/ Mechanics Tool Kit, 8

SPC55 MRO/ Mechanics Tool Kit, 8" Hard Case with Wheels

SPC9914 Biomed Repair Tech Tool Kit

The Specialized Products SPC9914 Biomed Repair Tech Tool Kit is custom designed to meet the unique needs of biomedical engineers, service techs, x-ray techs and hospital maintenance engineers. It includes necessary tools for sensitive laboratory equipment and small mechanical systems such as pliers, pin punches, files, screwdrivers, a soldering iron, nutdrivers and other tools.

The SPC9914 tool kit is supplied in a 9" black roto-rugged military-style tool case, with 2 removable tool pallets.

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SPC9914 Tool Kit List

 DescriptionStock Number
 Brush/Fork Tip013X260
 6.5" Tongue and Groove Pliers019X420
 Utility Plier, 10"019X530
 Ratchet Screwdriver Kit022X632
 15-Pc. Standard Hex Key Set023X175
 22PC 1/4" DR Metric Socket Set028x720
 Slip Joint Plier030X465
 Conductive Desoldering Tool038X196
 77-4 Auto/Manual Ranging DMM045X008
 Basic Elect. Test Lead Set045X944
 1/16" Pin Punch046X089
 1/8" Pin Punch046X091
 3/16" Pin Punch046x093
 6" Steel Rule046X674
 Wooden, File Handle Only048X003
 Flat 6" Smooth Cut File048X055
 Half Round, Bastard File, 6"048X065
 Brass Brush048X570
 TUNE-UP Gauge #28A051X028
 Spring Hook Pull Tool054X520
 Spring Hook Push Tool054X525
 Burnishing Tool With 3 Blades054X640
 Screw-Holding Screwdriver 1/4"X4", 8" Length056X540
 7" Standard Long-Nose Plier with Side Cutters060X024
 Standard Diagonal Cutter060x340
 Electricians Pocket Knife060X540
 Tape Measure  ENG/MET 12'062X600
 Screwdriver Set070X116
 Cold Chisel, 7/16"075X087
 Low-Cost Splicer's Snips083X018
 Circular Mirror092X039
 Soldering Iron Tip, Chisel094X228
 Chisel Soldering Tip094X230
 Soldering Iron Heating Unit094X320
 Soldering Iron, Handle094X608
 Plier Diagonal Cut, 4"108X071
 Allen Inch Hex Driver Set108X127
 3/16" Nutdriver Blade108X170
 7/32" Nutdriver Blade108X172
 1/4" Nutdriver Blade108X175
 9/32" Nutdriver Blade108X178
 5/16" Nutdriver Blade108X180
 11/32" Nutdriver Blade108X183
 3/8" Nutdriver Blade108X185
 7/16" Nutdriver Blade108X187
 1/2" Nutdriver Blade108X188
 Mini Screwdriver Set108X395
 4" Adjustable Wrench108X504
 8 1/8" Slot Screwdriver108X550
 10 1/8" Slot Screwdriver108X552
 4 1/4" x 3/32" Slot Screwdriver108X588
 10 1/2" Slot Screwdriver108X596
 Xcelite, Stubby Slotted Screwdriver108X650
 Slot Screwdriver 1/4 X 4108X654
 Slot Screwdriver 3/16 X 3108X662
 Phillips Stubby Driver108X721
 #1 Phillips Screwdriver108X801
 #2 Phillips Screwdriver108X802
 Pocket Level131X150
 Hex Key Set, 13 PC140X081
 9-Piece Balldrive Set175X990
 Chrome AA Penlight248x020
 8-PC Ignition Wrench Set267X034
 6-PC Spline Key Wrench Set318x508
 Alignment Tool318X805
 Tweezer, Cross Lock, 6.5"318X838
 Duplex Aligner Tool318X845
 5" Vise-Grip Plier321X020
 7" Standard Locking Plier321x055
 Desolder Braid, Green 5'348X541
 10-18 AWG Single T-Stripper370X210
 125V Receptacle Analyzer370X435
 Ball Pein Hammer, 8OZ FIB463X108
 Wire Plier578X150
 6PC Miniature File Set602x420
 Retaining Ring PLiers808X677
 1 1/8" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip940x008
 Black Military-Style Case Only082X554

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