SPC95MLB Inch & Metric Field Service Tool Kit, 9

SPC95MLB Inch & Metric Field Service Tool Kit, 9" Mil-Style Case

SPC95Y Inch & Metric Field Service Tool Kit, 9

SPC95Y Inch & Metric Field Service Tool Kit, 9" Yellow Case

SPC95MLB-01 Inch & Metric Field Service Kit w/DMM, 9" Mil-Style

The Specialized Products SPC95MLB-01 Field Service Tool Kit, with the Fluke 177 True RMS digital multimeter, is a complete selection of both standard inch/ SAE tools and metric tools. This comprehensive tool kit is designed for service professionals working with foreign and domestic equipment. It includes Spectris Tool adjustable wrenches, Armstrong Tools combo wrenches, Xcelite Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, Torx drivers and nutdriver blades, Bondhus hex sets, Weller & Greenlee soldering equipment, Extech receptacle tester, and other tools.

The SPC95MLB-01 tool kit is supplied in a heavy duty 9" deep military case with removable wing pallet and bottom tool pallet, plus 4" diced foam. The black tool case (082x574, no tools) is also available separately. The 24-pound kit measures 17.5" x 14" x 9" (inside dimensions). Tools come with lifetime warranties; the case has a one-year warranty. 

See SPECIFICATIONS tab for the complete list of tools.

SPC's sturdy black mil-style inch/metric service kit comes with the recommended Fluke 177 DMM when you order Model SPC95MLB-01. It's designed for government agencies or those who desire a more rugged case for frequent shipping. Service technicians who works on a broad variety of equipment will appreciate having the most common fastening tools packaged in one convenient kit. Its wide selection of tools and unique pallet design make this kit particularly useful to anyone responsible for servicing third-party or systems-type equipment that uses a diverse assortment of fasteners.

The case features military-style quarter-turn fasteners, combination lock, padlock hasp and black anodized valance with full-length piano hinge. Raised corners provide additional protection during shipping and handling. What makes this kit so special is the innovative winged pallet design that looks and works like no other. By attaching two additional fold-out pallet surfaces to the top pallet, we've put an incredible number of tools at your fingertips. These uniquely designed winged pallets conveniently separate the inch-type tools from their metric counterparts. A full 4 inches of diced foam below the bottom pallet cushions delicate equipment or parts. 

SPC95MLB-01 Tool Kit List

 DescriptionStock Number
 CAT III 1000-V DMM w/ Backlight045X344
 10" Utility Plier030X387
 1/16" Pin Punch046X089
 1/8" Pin Punch046X091
 Screwdriver Reamer046X177
 Parts Cleaning Brush048X550
 Diagonal Plier054x447
 Long Nose D Pliers054X470
 Spring Hook Combo Tool054X530
 Contact Burnisher Set, 3-Pc.054X600
 Reverse Retaining Ring Plier063X200
 Splicer's Snips083X018
 6" Straight Hemostat083X020
 4-Oz. Ball Pein Hammer087X504
 9 5/8" Slot Screwdriver092X035
 Soldering Iron 25-Watt, 3-Wire104X901
 Standard Precision Knife106X530
 Regular Tool Handle108X158
 Ratcheting Blade Handle108X159
 4-mm Nutdriver Blade108X165
 4.5-mm Nutdriver Blade108X166
 5-mm Nutdriver Blade108X167
 5.5-mm Nutdriver Blade108X168
 3/16" Nutdriver Blade108X170
 6-mm Nutdriver Blade108X171
 7/32" Nutdriver Blade108X172
 7-mm Nutdriver Blade108X173
 1/4" Nutdriver Blade108X175
 8-mm Nutdriver Blade108X177
 9/32" Nutdriver Blade108X178
 9-mm Nutdriver Blade108X179
 5/16" Nutdriver Blade108X180
 10-mm Nutdriver Blade108X182
 11/32" Nutdriver Blade108X183
 3/8" Nutdriver Blade108X185
 7/16" Nutdriver Blade108X187
 1/2" Nutdriver Blade108X188
 Receptacle Tester160x511
 Combination Wrench, 3/8"167X110
 Combination Wrench, 7/16"167X112
 Combination Wrench, 9/16"167X114
 Combination Wrench, 5/8"167X115
 Combination Wrench, 8mm167X116
 Combination Wrench, 10mm167X300
 Combination Wrench, 12mm167X301
 Combination Wrench, 13mm167X302
 Combination Wrench, 15mm167X303
 Combination Wrench, 1/2"167X324
 Piano Wire Cutters169x100
 Long Nose Plier, 6"169x102
 Manual Desolder Tool170X150
 8-Piece Balldriver Set175X930
 6-Piece Balldriver Set175X935
 6-PC Spline Key Wrench Set318x508
 Alignment Tool318X805
 Duplex Aligner Tool318X845
 5 Inch Vise-Grip Plier321X020
 Torx Driver, T20324X400
 Torx Driver, T30324X401
 Torx Driver, T27324X402
 Torx Driver, T25324X403
 Torx Driver, T15324X404
 Torx Driver, T10324X405
 3/32" Center Punch684X505
 1/2" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip940x004
 1 1/8" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip940x008
 16-26 AWG Wire Stripper940x010
 10-24 AWG Adjustable Wire Stripper940x014
 Spectris Tool S2030 Wire Stripper/ Crimper Combo Tool, 10-22 AWG940X016
 1/8" X 3" Slotted Screwdriver940x100
 1/8" x 6" Slotted Screwdriver940x105
 3/16" X 3" Slotted Screwdriver940x110
 1/4" x 1-1/2" Slotted Screwdriver940x115
 1/4" X 4" Slotted Screwdriver940x120
 5/16" X 6" Slotted Screwdriver940x130
 #0 X 4" Phillips Screwdriver940x135
 #1 X 3" Phillips Screwdriver940x140
 #2 X 1-1/2" Phillips Screwdriver940x150
 #2 X 4" Phillips Screwdriver940x155
 Polyethylene 9" Black Military Style Case with Pallets082X574

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