74Z-0-0-174 Huber Suhner Torque Wrench, SK, 8mm/.315

HUBER+SUHNER 74Z-0-0-174 Torque Wrench, SK, 8mm/.315"

74Z-0-0-193 Huber Suhner Torque Wrench, N, 20mm/.787

HUBER+SUHNER 74Z-0-0-193 Torque Wrench, N, 20mm/.787"

HUBER+SUHNER 74Z-0-0-192 Torque Wrench, TNC, 15mm/.591"

The Huber Suhner 74Z-0-0-192 steel torque wrench is designed for use on TNC series connectors. It has a torque of 1.00 Newton-meters (8.8 inch-pounds) and an opening of 15mm (.591"). Since the proper tightening torque ensures optimal performance over time, this click-style torque wrench pivots when the torque setting is achieved, preventing over-torque conditions. Ergonomic styling makes the handling of this 4 1/2" long wrench easy.
Coupling nuts and fastening nuts have to perform reliably within a connection. To meet this requirement, tightening with a specific torque is recommended. This Huber-Suhner steel torque wrench is for use with TNC (15 mm/.591" hex nut) connector series. The torque setting is 1.00 Nm, and it has a 15 mm/.591" opening.
Breakover-style torque wrenches pivot when the torque setting is achieved. This action prevents an overtorque condition and provides the user with a noticeable pivot once the proper torque has been reached. Proper torquing ensures optimal performance over time.
Choose from a variety of sizes of Huber-Suhner steel torque wrenches for use with numerous connector types.
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