Cable Prep SCT-500MC Stripping and Coring Tool, 0.500

Cable Prep SCT-500MC Stripping and Coring Tool, 0.500" MC

Cable Prep SCT-565 Stripping and Coring Tool, ORANGE 0.565

Cable Prep SCT-565 Stripping and Coring Tool, ORANGE 0.565"

Cable Prep SCT-500QR Stripping and Coring Tool, 0.500" QR

The Cable Prep® high-performance SCT-500QR stripping and coring tool works on 0.500 Quantum Reach CommScope cables. It features a one-piece design with 3-function blade for perfectly aligned cutting edges, beveled outer conductor edge that eliminates o-ring damage and a lightweight plastic body. The tool strips, and bevels the outer conductor and cores the dielectric in one easy step.

The SCT-500QR stripping and coring tool can be operated manually or with a 3/8" power drill.

SCT-QR stripping/coring tools strip back and bevel the outer conductor, core the dielectric, and strip back the outer jacket on CommScope Quantum Reach (QR) cables.


  • Perform three functions at once.
  • Feature non-clogging stops.
  • Core out-of-round cable.
  • Prevent O-ring damage.
  • Operates manually or with a drill.
  • Includes attached jacket-stripping tool


SCT-QR stripping/coring tools work on 0.320" through 1.125" CommScope Quantum Reach (QR) cables.

Note that, because the jacket must be stripped after coring, SCT tools for QR applications include a special, integrated jacket stripper made especially for this purpose.


  • Three Functions in One Operation:

    SCT-QR tools speed connectorization because they strip back and bevel the outer conductor and core the dielectric in one smooth operation.

  • Non-clogging Stops:

    There is a non-clogging internal stop on every SCT-QR tool that is factory-set to the required dimension for the cable.

  • Patented Stripping/Coring Blades:

    The bevel on the coring edge of the blade self-aligns on the center conductor, which enables an SCT-QR tool to core cable even when it is out-of-round. Made of tool steel that is heat treated to full hardness, the blade bevels the outer conductor, thereby eliminating O-ring damage and minimizing water migration.

  • Manual or Drill Operation:

    SCT tools can be ordered with a standard ergonomic handle or a Cable Prep brand RTH ratchet T-handle. Either handle can be removed for operation with a 3/8-inch variable speed drill.

  • Attached Jacket Stripping Tool:

    Because the jacket on QR cable must be stripped after the coring operation, each SCT-QR stripping/coring tool (labeled SCT-QR-A) comes with a special jacket stripping tool (labeled SCT-QR-B). The two pieces are threaded, so they can be assembled and stored as one unit, which protects the insides of the parts from damage. The jacket stripper is designed with a patented mandrel pin that supports the soft aluminum outer conductor and keeps it from being damaged during the jacket stripping operation.


1/4" exposed braid .250" exposed center conductor.

NOTE: The notched blade in the cartridge eliminates the risk of scoring the center conductor and cuts through the jacket, braid, foil and dielectric leaving the center conductor exposed. The shallow blade cuts through only the jacket of the cables.


The purpose of this tool is to provide consistent quality, while saving time. For this tool to perform correctly, the cartridge must be replaced when the blades are dull. Depending on the cable you are using, the number of cuts per blade cartridge varies. For best performance the blade should be kept free of any debris or floodant residue. If you see that the cut is not as clean, the braid is straggled, or the tool takes more revolutions to cut - REPLACE THE CARTRIDGE IMMEDIATELY.


While holding the tool, depress the lever and grasp the cartridge on both sides. Then pull cartridge straight down and out. Reverse this process for cartridge installation and then snap the cartridge in place. Move fingers away from cartridge and let go of lever.


All Cable Prep brand tools are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material. Metal SCT-QR bodies have a limited lifetime warranty. SCT-QR stripping/coring blades have a one-year warranty.

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