Jonard Tools HSC-75 Hardline Strip & Core Tool, 3/4

Jonard Tools HSC-75 Hardline Strip & Core Tool, 3/4"

Jonard HSC-625 Hardline Strip & Core Tool, 5/8

Jonard HSC-625 Hardline Strip & Core Tool, 5/8"

SPC946 Coax Coring Tool Kit

The Specialized Products SPC946 Tool Kit features Cable Prep AIO all-in-one coax coring tools that will work on coaxial cables. They are color-coded for easy cable identification: Yellow .500", Green .625", Red .750" and Gray .875". The tools perform six functions: strip back the jacket, core the dielectric, strip back and bevel the outer conductor, measure and bevel the center conductor. They align coring and stripping blades. Guide sleeves reshape cables, and debris falls freely from open-body design. Additionally, the Gator center conductor beveller and cleaner is included to bevel and fully clean center conductors.

The stripping/coring tools can be used manually, with a ratchet handle or with a drill. All items come conveniently organized in a ruggedized case with padded dividers in the bottom. This shock resistant, crack proof, dustproof and watertight case measures 13" x 9.2" x 6".

SPC946 Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 Coax Coring Tool, YELLOW .500 304X300
 Coax Coring Tool, GREEN .625 304X305
 Coax Coring Tool, RED .750 304X310
 Coax Coring Tool, GRAY .875 304X316
 Center Conductor Beveller and Cleaner 304X425
 ArmaCase Watertight Tool Case w/ Dividers, 13" x 9.2" x 6" 545X304
 Visual Fault Locator 880X696

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