Zamp Portable Solar Charging System

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Legacy Portable Solar Power - Use your RV anywhere!

Utilizing Zamp Solar Legacy Series portable solar systems means you will have more time to focus on outdoor adventures and will spend less time worrying about getting stuck in the dark. Our solar panels are self-contained power houses with the ability to recharge your batteries from daily use. These systems set up and connect to your battery right out of the box – no difficult installation required. RV hookups are not a requirement anymore!

Zamp Solar Portable Panels

Why Solar?

Batteries Need to be Recharged Frequently

Your battery powers the devices in your RV – lights, fan, heater, TV, radio, phone, computer, etc. Portable solar directly charges a 12-volt battery by either keeping it topped off and happy or recharges it back to full after it has been used all day.

Get out there and stay out there! Batteries are like a gas tank, without a regular fill up they will leave you stranded – no lights, no water, no heat – NO FUN! Without proper solar charging or shore power hookups, a battery might last a few days to only a few hours. A Zamp Legacy Series portable solar system is like a little gas station that fills up your battery by simply setting it out in the sun.

Increase battery life by 300% and save money on battery replacements. By keeping batteries topped off and full you will reduce the overall stress the battery experiences. Typically, RV batteries are replaced every 1.5 to 2 years; however, with a Zamp Solar panel system, you can expect 6 to 8 years out of your batteries. THAT'S HUGE SAVINGS!


Portable solar eliminates the need to plan a trip around where you can get power for your RV. You will be able to use your RV anywhere, including places without shore power hookups. There are many national parks, national forest and public lands – the most beautiful places we've ever seen – with no electrical hookups. (Most of these places heavily restrict the use of generators.) A Zamp Legacy Series portable solar system gives you the freedom to explore anywhere.

Simple to Use

Zamp portables are the simplest solar panels to use. They are ready to go right out of the box and take 3 minutes or less to set up and start harnessing the power of the sun. Zamp Legacy Series panels come with their own carrying case, 16 feet of wire with alligator clips and a super smart solar charge controller that knows when to turn on and off depending on how full the battery is. These systems will not overcharge a battery. In fact, the solar charge controller is smart enough to equalize a WET battery automatically. (Equalizing a WET battery helps to extend the life of the battery by reducing the build-up of chemicals on the inside, that ultimately kills the battery.)

What's Included

  • Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case
  • 15' Cable with Battery Alligator Clamps (detachable to use with Zamp Solar Sidewall Port)
  • Weatherproof Solar Charge Controller with 6 Battery Settings, Including 2-Lithium Settings
  • Class A Monocrystalline U.S. Made Solar Panel(s) – Highest Efficiency, 25-Year Output Warranty
  • EZ-View Bracket – Swings the Charge Controller for EASY Viewing
  • Attached Heavy Duty Handle
What's Included with Zamp Solar Portable Panels


  • No need to modify your RV to install; it simply connects to the battery.
  • Super easy to set up
  • Works with an optional Sidewall Port System from Zamp
  • It is the most efficient solar panel – if you keep it pointed at the sun.
  • Costs less than a rooftop system that needs to be installed
  • Clean, green and quiet
  • Will pay for itself – save on hookup fees and battery replacements


  • Needs to be set up and taken down frequently
  • Could be too small for some heavy power users

Portable Solar Accessories

  • Zamp's Portable Solar Extension Cord – This extension cord works with every Zamp portable and adds an extra 15 feet, for a total of 30 feet, that the portable can be set away from the RV. Zamp's portable extension cord is highly UV resistant increasing the lifespan over a common wire. Each portable extension cord is made with 10 gauge wire to help reduce the effects of voltage drop and to increase the overall efficiency. A must for any common boondocker.
  • Zamp Solar Sidewall Port – AAdd this port to any battery compartment or battery box to create a simple and quick way to connect a Zamp Solar portable. Getting into battery compartments or unstrapping battery boxes all adds to the time it takes to set up camp. Reduce the time needed by simply adding a port that is easily accessible and reduce solar setup time to only a minute or two.