IDEAL 34-002 High Voltage Fuse Puller

IDEAL 34-002 High Voltage, 0.5'' to 1'' Diameter Fuse Puller, 7.5''

Cementex PK-100 Fuse Puller / Fiberglass Plastic Pliers, 7"

Th Cementex PK-100 fuse puller is a fiberglass reinforced plastic plier designed as a gripping tool to move and position wires and remove loose material from tight work areas. Use this safety tool on live lines without fear of injury. It is tested to 10,000 volts AC and rated for 1000V AC use. The tool features grooved jaws for positive grip and large handles and integral finger guards for control and safety.

The pliers are 7" in length, non-conductive and high-visibility orange. Lifetime warranty on the tool; one-year warranty on insulation.

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