Fiber Attenuators

FiberXP Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators

Fiber Optic Attenuators

Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators are compact adapter style tools that are ideal for attenuating single mode fiber connectors in various applications. These attenuators reduce the power or signal in a fiber optic cable at values from 1 to 20dB. FiberXP fixed fiber attenuators are equipped with dual wavelengths and are paired male-to-female or female-to-male. Made with a Zirconia ferrule, our fixed fiber optic attenuators feature high optical power endurance as well as being used for fiber amplifiers, DWDM and telecommunications equipment. Our fixed fiber optic attenuators styles include SC/UPC, FC/UPC, LC/UPC, ST/UPC, FC/APC and SC/APC.

The following dropdown menus make it simple to plug in a couple details and learn instantly which Fiber Optic Attenuator you need to order to support your requirement, or you can search through the full charts below.

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Premium Fixed Fiber Attenuators

Stock No FiberXP Part No. Style Attenuation
952X377 SPC-SM-SCU-01 SC/UPC 1 dB
952X379 SPC-SM-SCU-02 SC/UPC 2 dB
952X380 SPC-SM-SCU-03 SC/UPC 3 dB
952X381 SPC-SM-SCU-04 SC/UPC 4 dB
952X382 SPC-SM-SCU-05 SC/UPC 5 dB
952X383 SPC-SM-SCU-06 SC/UPC 6 dB
952X384 SPC-SM-SCU-07 SC/UPC 7 dB
952X441 SPC-SM-SCU-08 SC/UPC 8 dB
952X385 SPC-SM-SCU-09 SC/UPC 9 dB
952X386 SPC-SM-SCU-10 SC/UPC 10 dB
952X455 SPC-SM-SCU-11 SC/UPC 11 dB
952X396 SPC-SM-SCU-12 SC/UPC 12 dB
952X456 SPC-SM-SCU-13 SC/UPC 13 dB
952X457 SPC-SM-SCU-14 SC/UPC 14 dB
952X388 SPC-SM-SCU-15 SC/UPC 15 dB
952X458 SPC-SM-SCU-16 SC/UPC 16 dB
952X459 SPC-SM-SCU-17 SC/UPC 17 dB
952X460 SPC-SM-SCU-18 SC/UPC 18 dB
952X461 SPC-SM-SCU-19 SC/UPC 19 dB
952X390 SPC-SM-SCU-20 SC/UPC 20 dB
952X360 SPC-SM-SCA-03 SC/APC 3 dB
952X361 SPC-SM-SCA-04 SC/APC 4 dB
952X362 SPC-SM-SCA-05 SC/APC 5 dB
952X363 SPC-SM-SCA-06 SC/APC 6 dB
952X364 SPC-SM-SCA-07 SC/APC 7 dB
952X365 SPC-SM-SCA-08 SC/APC 8 dB
952X371 SPC-SM-SCA-09 SC/APC 9 dB
952X366 SPC-SM-SCA-10 SC/APC 10 dB
952X372 SPC-SM-SCA-11 SC/APC 11 dB
952X367 SPC-SM-SCA-12 SC/APC 12 dB
952X373 SPC-SM-SCA-13 SC/APC 13 dB
952X374 SPC-SM-SCA-14 SC/APC 14 dB
952X368 SPC-SM-SCA-15 SC/APC 15 dB
952X375 SPC-SM-SCA-16 SC/APC 16 dB
952X376 SPC-SM-SCA-17 SC/APC 17 dB
952X357 SPC-SM-SCA-18 SC/APC 18 dB
952X369 SPC-SM-SCA-19 SC/APC 19 dB
952X370 SPC-SM-SCA-20 SC/APC 20 dB
952X318 SPC-SM-FCU-02 FC/UPC 2 dB
952X320 SPC-SM-FCU-03 FC/UPC 3 dB
952X322 SPC-SM-FCU-05 FC/UPC 5 dB
952X324 SPC-SM-FCU-07 FC/UPC 7 dB
952X326 SPC-SM-FCU-10 FC/UPC 10 dB
952X327 SPC-SM-FCU-12 FC/UPC 12 dB
952X328 SPC-SM-FCU-15 FC/UPC 15 dB
952X330 SPC-SM-FCU-20 FC/UPC 20 dB
952X298 SPC-SM-FCA-01 FC/APC 1 dB
952X299 SPC-SM-FCA-02 FC/APC 2 dB
952X300 SPC-SM-FCA-03 FC/APC 3 dB
952X301 SPC-SM-FCA-04 FC/APC 4 dB
952X302 SPC-SM-FCA-05 FC/APC 5 dB
952X303 SPC-SM-FCA-06 FC/APC 6 dB
952X306 SPC-SM-FCA-07 FC/APC 7 dB
952X304 SPC-SM-FCA-08 FC/APC 8 dB
952X305 SPC-SM-FCA-09 FC/APC 9 dB
952X308 SPC-SM-FCA-10 FC/APC 10 dB
952X307 SPC-SM-FCA-11 FC/APC 11 dB
952X309 SPC-SM-FCA-12 FC/APC 12 dB
952X311 SPC-SM-FCA-13 FC/APC 13 dB
952X313 SPC-SM-FCA-14 FC/APC 14 dB
952X310 SPC-SM-FCA-15 FC/APC 15 dB
952X314 SPC-SM-FCA-16 FC/APC 16 dB
952X315 SPC-SM-FCA-17 FC/APC 17 dB
952X316 SPC-SM-FCA-18 FC/APC 18 dB
952X297 SPC-SM-FCA-19 FC/APC 19 dB
952X312 SPC-SM-FCA-20 FC/APC 20 dB
952X337 SPC-SM-LCU-01 LC/UPC 1 dB
952X338 SPC-SM-LCU-02 LC/UPC 2 dB
952X340 SPC-SM-LCU-03 LC/UPC 3 dB
952X341 SPC-SM-LCU-04 LC/UPC 4 dB
952X342 SPC-SM-LCU-05 LC/UPC 5 dB
952X343 SPC-SM-LCU-06 LC/UPC 6 dB
952X344 SPC-SM-LCU-07 LC/UPC 7 dB
952X345 SPC-SM-LCU-08 LC/UPC 8 dB
952X349 SPC-SM-LCU-09 LC/UPC 9 dB
952X346 SPC-SM-LCU-10 LC/UPC 10 dB
952X351 SPC-SM-LCU-11 LC/UPC 11 dB
952X352 SPC-SM-LCU-12 LC/UPC 12 dB
952X353 SPC-SM-LCU-13 LC/UPC 13 dB
952X354 SPC-SM-LCU-14 LC/UPC 14 dB
952X348 SPC-SM-LCU-15 LC/UPC 15 dB
952X451 SPC-SM-LCU-16 LC/UPC 16 dB
952X452 SPC-SM-LCU-17 LC/UPC 17 dB
952X453 SPC-SM-LCU-18 LC/UPC 18 dB
952X454 SPC-SM-LCU-19 LC/UPC 19 dB
952X350 SPC-SM-LCU-20 LC/UPC 20 dB
952X424 SPC-SM-LCA-03 LC/APC 3 dB
952X422 SPC-SM-LCA-04 LC/APC 4 dB
952X426 SPC-SM-LCA-05 LC/APC 5 dB
952X425 SPC-SM-LCA-06 LC/APC 6 dB
952X428 SPC-SM-LCA-07 LC/APC 7 dB
952X427 SPC-SM-LCA-08 LC/APC 8 dB
952X429 SPC-SM-LCA-09 LC/APC 9 dB
952X430 SPC-SM-LCA-10 LC/APC 10 dB
952X431 SPC-SM-LCA-11 LC/APC 11 dB
952X433 SPC-SM-LCA-12 LC/APC 12 dB
952X435 SPC-SM-LCA-13 LC/APC 13 dB
952X436 SPC-SM-LCA-14 LC/APC 14 dB
952X432 SPC-SM-LCA-15 LC/APC 15 dB
952X437 SPC-SM-LCA-16 LC/APC 16 dB
952X438 SPC-SM-LCA-17 LC/APC 17 dB
952X439 SPC-SM-LCA-18 LC/APC 18 dB
952X440 SPC-SM-LCA-19 LC/APC 19 dB
952X434 SPC-SM-LCA-20 LC/APC 20 dB
952X398 SPC-SM-STU-01 ST/UPC 1 dB
952X399 SPC-SM-STU-02 ST/UPC 2 dB
952X400 SPC-SM-STU-03 ST/UPC 3 dB
952X401 SPC-SM-STU-04 ST/UPC 4 dB
952X402 SPC-SM-STU-05 ST/UPC 5 dB
952X403 SPC-SM-STU-06 ST/UPC 6 dB
952X404 SPC-SM-STU-07 ST/UPC 7 dB
952X405 SPC-SM-STU-08 ST/UPC 8 dB
952X411 SPC-SM-STU-09 ST/UPC 9 dB
952X406 SPC-SM-STU-10 ST/UPC 10 dB
952X407 SPC-SM-STU-11 ST/UPC 11 dB
952X412 SPC-SM-STU-12 ST/UPC 12 dB
952X413 SPC-SM-STU-13 ST/UPC 13 dB
952X414 SPC-SM-STU-14 ST/UPC 14 dB
952X408 SPC-SM-STU-15 ST/UPC 15 dB
952X409 SPC-SM-STU-16 ST/UPC 16 dB
952X415 SPC-SM-STU-17 ST/UPC 17 dB
952X416 SPC-SM-STU-18 ST/UPC 18 dB
952X417 SPC-SM-STU-19 ST/UPC 19 dB
952X410 SPC-SM-STU-20 ST/UPC 20 dB

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