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Fiber Connector Adapters

Fiber Connector Adapters

FiberXP Logo Fiber Connector Adapters & Couplers by FiberXP

FiberXP Fiber connector adapters are also referred to as fiber optic couplers. They are used to provide a cable to cable fiber connection. FiberXP connector adapters are used to connect the same type fiber optic connectors, while hybrid adapters connect different kinds of fiber optic connectors. FiberXP offers a complete line of adapters for fiber optic connections, including ST, SC, FC, LC, MTRJ style fiber optic adapters for both multimode and single-mode fiber applications. We also offer fiber adapter plates for ST-, SC-, MT-RJ- or LC-type connections.

Corning Logo Corning Fiber Connector Adapters

Corning offers a full line of factory- and field-installable adapters in a variety of mounting configurations to ensure compatibility with the housing, panel, outlet or faceplate being utilized. Supporting a variety of connector types, the adapters are ideal for cable assembly house and manufacturing environments. Adapters are available with ceramic or metal alignment sleeves and in a variety of colors in support of TIA/EIA568.3-D.

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Fiber Optic Basics

FiberXP Premium Fiber Optic Adapters - Single Mode

Stock No. FiberXP Part No. Adapter Style Mode Style Sleeve
682X804 AD11SSCMRW ST - ST SM Simplex Ceramic
682X864 AD44SSCPBF SC - SC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X824 AD99SSCPVF LC - LC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X844 ADDDSSCMYW FC - FC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X840 AD91SSCHBMF ST - LC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X872 AD41SSCMYF SC - ST SM Simplex Ceramic
682X836 AD94SSCPVW SC - LC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X834 AD49SSCPVW-MF SC - LC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X876 AD42SSCMYF SC - FC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X832 AD94SSCMVW-MF LC - SC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X854 AD21SSCMRW FC - ST SM Simplex Ceramic
682X838 AD29SSCMVW-MF FC - LC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X866 AD44SSCPGF SC / APC - SC / APC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X856 AD31SSCMGW FC / APC - SC / APC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X846 ADDDSSCMGW FC / APC - FC / APC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X826 ADAASSCPGF LC / APC - LC / APC SM Simplex Ceramic
682X012 AD11DSCPRRF ST - ST SM Duplex Ceramic
682X015 AD44DSCPBF SC - SC SM Duplex Ceramic
682X830 AD99DSCPBVC LC - LC SM Duplex Ceramic

FiberXP Premium Fiber Optic Adapters - Multimode

Stock No. FiberXP Part No. Adapter Style Mode Style Sleeve
682X802 AD11SMBMKW ST - ST MM Simplex Bronze
682X862 AD44SMBPVF SC - SC MM Simplex Bronze
682X822 AD99SMBPVF LC - LC MM Simplex Bronze
682X842 ADDDSMBMWW FC - FC MM Simplex Bronze
682X882 AD77DMNPVF MTRJ - MTRJ MM Duplex N/A
682X812 AD41SMBMKF ST - SC MM Simplex Bronze
682X878 AD42SMBMKF SC - FC MM Simplex Bronze
682X852 AD21SMBMKW FC - ST MM Simplex Bronze
682X011 AD11DMBPMKF ST - ST MM Duplex Bronze
682X828 AD99DMBPBVC LC - LC MM Duplex Bronze

FiberXP Premium Fiber Optic Adapters - MPO

Stock No. FiberXP Part No. Adapter Style Mode Style Color
682X018 AD-MPO-FLS-M4 OM4 SC MPO, Reduced Flange MM Simplex Magenta
682X027 AD-MPO-STD-MM Univ. Std. MPO, Full Flange MM Simplex Black

Corning 740 Series Duplex Fiber Adapters

Stock No. Corning Part No. Adapter Style Mode Sleeve Color
745X026 740-0077-006-B LC - LC MM Metal Beige
745X028 740-007A-006-B LC - LC MM Metal Aqua
745X036 740-033A-004-B SC - SC MM Metal Aqua
745X038 740-0343-004-B SC/APC SM Ceramic Green
745X040 740-0345-004-B SC - SC SM Ceramic Black

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Fiber Connector Adapters