Fiber Optic Cleaning

Dirty Fiber?

Specialized Products has hundreds of fiber optic cleaning products from the top brands in the industry.

Whether you need an in-bulkhead cleaner, duster, swabs, wipes, syringes or a connector cleaner, Specialized Products is your one-stop shopping place for your fiber optic cleaning needs.

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AFL Fiber Cleaning Products


AFL has a reputation in the telecommunications industry of manufacturing high quality fiber optic test equipment, fiber optic cleaner tools and products. The development of their One-Click Cleaners and fiber cleaning sticks are no exception to this outstanding reputation. Dry fiber optic cleaning solutions from AFL are backed by their ISO9001:2008 Certification and quality practices. After fiber cleaning, inspect and test with the AFL line of fiber optic test equipment.
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US Conec Fiber Cleaning Products

US Conec

US Conec introduced MT multi-fiber technology to North America. Since their formation in 1992 through Corning Cable Systems, Fujikura ltd. and NTT Corp's equity venture, US Conec has been able to improve multi-fiber technology and adapt it for higher densities and lower cost communications links. They have developed the OPTIPOP, NEOCLEAN and IBC brand fiber cleaner products for both multi-fiber and single fiber connectors. These US Conec fiber optic cleaners offer superior fiber optic cleaning for ferrules inside adapters, faceplates and bulkheads as well as unmated connectors.
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Fluke Networks Fiber Cleaning Products

Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks distributes innovative fiber optic cleaning and fiber inspection products in more than 50 countries. The number one cause of fiber link failure is contamination. With this in mind, Fluke Networks has developed innovative solutions for the fiber optics industry including: fiber optic swabs for a variety of connector types, convenient cleaning cards, the miniature cleaning cube and many additional fiber cleaner options. Fiber optic cleaning kits, by Fluke Networks, feature all the components for the optimal wet and dry cleaning sequence. All Fluke Networks fiber cleaning products are lint-free and remove the toughest contaminates to ensure transmission of high speed data over optical fiber is a success.
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Cletop Fiber Cleaning Products


Cletop has been manufacturing Fiber Cleaning Cassettes and Fiber Cleaning Sticks for over 14 years. The popular NTT-AT Cletop fiber cleaning products ensure reliable cleaning of the fiber end face. This dry fiber cleaning process removes contaminants such as oil, grease and dust from fiber optic connector end faces and ferrule surfaces without the use of fluids. A selection of styles is available for both the Fiber Cleaning Cassettes and Fiber Cleaning Sticks depending on your specific connector cleaning needs.
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Chemtronics Fiber Cleaning Products


ITW Chemtronics has been an industry leader in producing top quality fiber optic cleaning products as well as products for electronics maintenance and repair and telecommunications. Since 1958, they have developed a product offering of ultra-pure solvents, cleanroom-grade swabs and wipes. Electro-Wash, Ultrajet, Twillwipes and Chempads are all names known by technicians throughout the world to deliver high quality performance.
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PT Technologies Fiber Cleaning Products

PT Technologies

As a global leader in manufacturing specialty chemicals, PT Technologies has made a name for itself in the electric power utility, telecommunications, aerospace, military and industrial workplaces. Since the early 1980's, PT Technologies has developed various solvents such as those designed for use in fiber optics cleaning. The D'Gel Cable Gel Remover Solvent and other D-Gel-FO Fiber Optic Solvent and wipes are popular PT Technologies fiber cleaning products among technicians and are the preferred fiber cleaning product of many telephone companies and manufacturers.
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