Midtronics CAD-5500 Celltron Advantage Complete Kit

Midtronics CAD-5500 Celltron Advantage Complete Kit

Midtronics CTU-6000 Micro CellTron Ultra Battery Analyzer Kit

The Midtronics CTU-6000 Micro Celltron Ultra Analyzer kit features a universal stationary battery analyzer.

Effective battery maintenance requires regular testing combined with data trending and analysis. Data on 12 battery manufacturers has been pre-loaded to expedite the testing and record-keeping process. 32 megabyte card stores data up to 500 locations or systems.

Complete kit includes: test probes, extenders, clamps, temp sensor, PC software & portable printer.
Midtronics CTU-6000 Celltron Ultra Universal Stationary Battery Analyzer

Midtronics CTU-6000 CellTron Ultra Battery Analyzer Kit

The Midtronics CTU-6000 Celltron Ultra Kit features a universal stationary battery analyzer. Effective battery maintenance involves much more than monthly, quarterly or annual testing. Since the battery is often the most mysterious variable in a power system, regular testing must be combined with data trending and analysis. Further compounding the difficulties in analyzing battery systems are the often unique configurations and attributes in each system. Midtronics Celltron Ultra helps technicians and facility managers overcome these challenges by offering analysis and data management in a package designed for universal application, regardless of system configuration.

Incorporating advanced technology and field research, this analyzer is the premier battery testing and maintenance tool for universal to stationary applications. It's most applicable to uninterruptible power systems (UPS), telecommunications backup power, utility switching power and more. While traditional methods of battery analysis have been cumbersome, inaccurate and even dangerous, the CTU-6000 offers an alternative that is safe, simple, efficient and accurate. Combining these core attributes with field-tested reliability and ease of use, Celltron Ultra is a key component of an active power and battery management program. Test individual lead-acid cells or up to 16-V monoblocs in any common configuration.

Advanced conductance technology enables accurate and repeatable testing in the presence of ultra-high electrical interference applications. Software and battery data management techniques allow for easy establishment of battery reference/baseline values when pre-determined data isn't readily available, allowing for reference-free testing. The industry's first lighted probes increase visibility in confined battery cabinets and racks. This advancement improves technician safety and test reliability while reducing risk of equipment damage. Break-apart probe extensions allow for cabinet access and easy storage.

A 32-MB memory card stores data on up to 500 battery strings/locations. The digital multimeter's versatile features allow for the measurement of ac and dc voltage and current. Scope mode displays ac ripple current and more. The 128 x 64 pixel fully graphical, high-contrast LCD has a green LED backlight. A 9.6-V, 1600-mAH NiMH internal swapable battery provides more than 1,000 test operations before recharging. Housing features acid-resistant ABS plastic with sure-grip santoprene overmold.

Specifications: voltage (1-20 V dc), conductance (100-19,990 Siemens, approximately 10-4,000 amp-hours) and test data storage (500 string locations of 480 test results stored internally). User programmable functions include preset values for over 250 battery types, low-voltage alarm setting, low-conductance warning and failure plus test mode (push button/auto start).

Includes Dura Clamp cables, Dura probes with 30" lighted extenders, IR temperature sensor, high-speed IR printer, memory card and reader, inFORM software and IR receiver, rechargeable battery plus spare, battery charger for tester and printer plus manual in a hard carrying case.
The 2.6-pound unit measures 11" x 4" x 3".


Midtronics offers a one-year limited warranty covering materials and manufacturing defects from date of purchase.

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