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Fluke Networks 26500090 TS90 Cable Fault Finder, up to 2500'

Fluke Networks 26500090 TS90 Cable Fault Finder, up to 2500'

Fluke Networks TS54-A-09-TDR Test Set w/TDR & ABN/PP Cord Set

The Fluke Networks® TS54-A-09-TDR Test Set, with quick one-button TDR testing, is used to test for polarity, locate opens and shorts to 3,000 feet and measure voltage. It is a butt set, TDR and tone generator all in one test tool. This portable TDR tester is handset compatible. It offers an integrated toner (to 10 miles), SmartTone for exact pair identification and, an extra large LCD with glow in the dark keys. Ergonomic design allows the instrument to be used with maximum user comfort. It meets IP64 Weatherproof, Bellcore, DropSafe, and RainSafe standards.

The TS54-A-09-TDR butt set includes a heavy-duty belt clip and angled bed of nails with piercing pin cord set. It comes in a carry case, made of a special high-impact material that resists damage. 3-year warranty.

The Fluke Networks TS54-A-09-TDR Test Set features a high-impedance/extended range DataSafe monitor mode that allows line monitoring without disrupting voice, data, or signaling, DTMF digit grabbing, Visual ANAC mode (Automatic Number Announcement Circuit), polarity that tests for Tip and Ring, Caller-ID, phosphorescent (glow in the dark) keypad, speakerphone, tone and pulse, one-way amplified speaker phone mode, DSL/POTS filtering, amplified speaker, last number redial, over voltage protection, over current protection, PBX pause button, audible ringer, speed dialing, hearing aid compatibility, LCD backlight, and data lockout protection/override. This butt set has a built-in toner that is capable of using five different tones as well as a built-in TDR that can determine cable length up to 3,000 ft away from the testing point. It utilizes SmartTone technology to accurately identify pairs.

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