Extech ET15 Receptacle Tester

Extech ET15 Receptacle Tester

Psiber Data LE85M LanExpert 85 Dual Media Network Analyzer, MM

The Psiber LE85M LanExpert 85 Dual Media Network Analyzer is an essential tool used by LAN installers, technician managers and service providers. This single solution multimode network analyzer works on copper and fiber cables. It is ideal for installing, monitoring, upgrading or troubleshooting any network. The Psiber Data LanExpert tests cables for shorts, opens, split pair and reversed pairs. It also measures cable length, as well as generates tones for tracing cable. It works with multimode fibers and has a color LCD touchscreen display.

The LE85M LanExpert 85 MM network analyzer includes the main unit, LC connectors, SFP modules, USB connectors, and AC adapter.


The Psiberâ„¢ Data LE85M LanExpert 85 Dual Media Network Analyzer is a handheld device that is capable of analyzing copper and fiber media. This USB-compatible device is capable of performing link detection, ping, route tracing, single ended or inline packet monitoring, filtering and capture for up to 10,000 packets, user defined traffic generation for up to two ports traffic generation with selectable frame size and bandwidth percentage, structured RFC 2544 Stress Test to predict network performance under varying load conditions, sing or dual port Loopback, VoIP for call statistics, and email tests to ensure proper performance key network services. The LE85M can also measure Rx and Tx optical power, identify traffic protocols by amount and percentage, comprehensive data filtering for identifying problems quickly, and automatic identification for standard link, frame, and traffic problems. This analyzer can operate on 1.25Gb multimode fiber for 10/100/1000baseT. This device also has a backlit color LCD touchscreen and can be powered either through rechargeable Li-ion battery pack or AC adapter.

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