Jameson 12-165 Sonde & Adapter Kit

Jameson 12-165 Sonde & Adapter Kit

Tempo 501 Tracker II Buried Cable Locator System

The Tempo Communications 501 Tracker II Buried Cable Locator System is the most affordable high-performance locator on the market. It traces the path and determines the depth of wires and metallic pipes on active or dead systems without having to deactivate the system. A lightweight receiver provides audible and visual indications of signal strength. An inductive antenna is mounted inside the carrying case and can be placed over the cable, wire or metallic pipe to be located. This antenna transmits a signal through the ground onto the cable to be located.

The 501 cable locator system includes transmitter assembly, receiver assembly, inductive coupler, built-in inductive antenna, two 8 ft. test leads with heavy-duty alligator clips and durable polyethylene case. Eight AA and one 9-V batteries required. A head set is optional for use in high-noise areas.

This portable locating system consists of four basic components. The transmitter can be connected directly to one end of the cable, to the inductive coupler or to the inductive antenna. It generates an RF signal that is modulated with a tone of approximately 1000 Hz, which permits effective performance even at distances greater than 4000 feet and to depths of more than 7 feet. The inductive coupler clamps around the cable, sending a tone which enables the user to locate active or dead cables. The receiver is a hand-held unit used to trace the path of the cable. Mounted on a 32'' handle, it has an ON/OFF sensitivity control knob, a meter to read the signal strength and a speaker to hear the tone.

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