SPC919 Basic Service Tool Kit w/ Mechanics Box, 99-Piece

SPC919 Basic Service Tool Kit w/ Mechanics Box, 99-Piece

PTK25 Telecom Tech Tool Kit

The Specialized Products PTK25 Telecom Tech Tool Kit combines the basic essentials for the telecom technician. With the D814 punch-down tool you can make effortless, uniform connections. Its adjustable impact wheel has low and high settings for any type of termination. The standard type-66 blade works with 66-type blocks only while the 110 blade is perfect on 110 blocks and M series jacks. 

The PTK25 telecom tool kit also includes the JACKTEST+ RJ45/RJ11 tester, electrician's scissors, spudger, slotted/phillips screwdriver and CAT5 cable prep tool. All tools are organized in a multi-pocket ballistic nylon pouch featuring an easy-release velcro loop so you can fasten it over your tool belt. The kit weighs 1 pound and measures 7.5" x 3.34". Lifetime warranty for the tools; one-year warranty for the pouch.


PTK25 Tool Kit List

 DescriptionStock Number
 4-IN-1 Pocket Screwdriver087X560
 Electricians Scissors083X018
 Wiring Spudger303X640
 Single Ended RJ45 / RJ11 Tester686X312
 Cat5, Cat6 Cable Jacket Stripper  904X170
 Punch Down Tool With 110/66 Blade904X425
 Black Kevlistic Tool Pouch for PTK10/25040X825

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