SPC860 Epoxy Connector Termination Tool Kit

SPC860 Epoxy Connector Termination Tool Kit

SPC855 Anaerobic Fiber Optic Termination Kit

The Specialized Products SPC855 Anaerobic Fiber Optic Termination Kit is designed for installers and technicians. It offers fiber optic strippers, Kevlar shears, fiber scraps trash can, crimper, 200X fiber scope, safety glasses, polishing pad, puck, lapping films, wipes, plus other tools and cleaning products.  

The SPC855 kit is supplied with a parts box in a durable 14-pocket BigMouth tool bag, made of 600 denier fabric with reinforced interior bottom panels and heavy-duty stitching. It opens wide for easy access to contents and features a reinforced bottom and padded reinforced web carrying handles. The 7.4-pound kit is 12" x 8.5" x 8".

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The SPC855 features the 5.5" x 5.5" neoprene polishing pad for connectors requiring a soft cushioned surface. The long-lasting and durable 1.5" diameter stainless steel polishing puck works on ST, SC and FC connectors. High-leverage Kevlar® shear's non-slip hardened stainless steel serrated blades trim back Kevlar strength members. The 4" x 2.25" fiber scraps trash can may be incinerated when full.

Ergonomic fiber optic stripper strips outer jacket from 2- to 2.4-mm and 2.8- to 3-mm fiber plus 2- to 3-mm loose tube fiber. A universal fiber crimper works with SMA, SMB, SFR, ST and SC connectors plus 0.128", 0.151", 0.215", 0.197" and 0.178" hex crimp sizes. This long-lasting tool delivers over 50,000 crimp cycles. Fiber optic jacket and buffer stripper's larger notch removes 3-mm jacketing. Use smaller notch to remove 900- and 250-µm buffer coatings. A 200x fiber scope utilizes oblique illumination to inspect fiber core quickly and easily. It has a white 100,000-hour rated LED and 900-µm field of view.

SPC855 Tool Kit List

 DescriptionStock Number
 Neoprene Polishing Pad024X037
 1 1/2" Stainless Steel Puck024X039
 Kevlar Shears024X199
 Fiber Scraps Trash Can024X620
 Three-Hole Fiber Optic Stripper054X437
 Parts Box without Dividers145X008
 5 in 1 Fiber Optic Stripper170x052
 SMA, SMB, SFR, ST, SC Universal Crimper170X640
 Black Sharpie, Fine Point300X022
 D'Gel FO Solvent Wipe, 1 ea.330X350
 Lint-Free Wipes, 4" X 4", 100 PK348X530
 Anaerobic Adhesive721X080
 Anaerobic Primer721X085
 Syringe w/ Needle721X095
 Lapping Film / Alum Oxide, .3 um 9 x 6.5", 25/pkg.721X105
 Lapping Film/Alum Oxide, 1-um 9" x 6.5" 25/pkg.721X110
 Lapping Film/Silicon Carbide, 5-um 9x6.5" 25/pkg.721X125
 Fiber Connector Cleaner (non-hazardous and Travel Safe)812X635
 Black Safety Glasses, w/ Clear Lens815X732
 Fiber Optic Inspection Scope / Microscope, 200X907X120
 14-Pocket, 12" BigMouth Bag111X161

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