SPC170BP Field Technician Service Tool Kit, Backpack

SPC170BP Field Technician Service Tool Kit, Backpack

SPC170 Field Technician Service Tool Kit, Soft Case

The Specialized Products SPC170 Field Technician Service Tool Kit conveniently organizes a huge selection of fastening tools in a compact, Cordura tool case. It includes allen-hex and nut drivers (inch and metric), crimpers, pliers/cutters, wire strippers and more. The unique complement of tools will assist technicians who service anything from state-of-the-art medical equipment to sophisticated electronics. 

The SPC170 kit is supplied in a lightweight, attache-style case with exterior pockets for additional storage space. The case (082X838, no tools) is also available separately. Optional DMM is not included. The 15-pound tool kit measures 18" x 13" x 3.5". Tools come with lifetime warranties; the case has a one year warranty.

See SPECIFICATIONS tab for the complete list of tools.

The SPC170 Field Service Tool Kit comes in a compact black ballistic nylon case. It was created to address the requirements of field technicians handling the basic repair and maintenance in a variety of different applications. The Backpack Tool Kit includes a very large selection of screwdrivers (both fixed handle and interchangeable blade-type), nutdrivers (inch and metric), ball-end hex drivers (inch and metric) - along with a complete assortment of pliers, cutters, scissors, adjustable wrenches and wire strippers that round out the tool complement. We've even included a professional flashlight and our exclusive 12V battery tester for testing most standby power (UPS) systems and vehicle batteries.

Single zipper, two-pallet design organizes tools, eliminating time-consuming searching. Durable ballistic nylon is lightweight and weather-resistant. You get a large document pocket and two outside zipper pouches for additional bulky items or extra test equipment. Dual web-type handles with padded grip offer easy transport. You can also carry the zippered attache-style case comfortably with our optional  shoulder strap (082X910).

The SPC170 Tool Kit is also available in a backpack case version (SPC170BP) and traditional dual-zippered type carrying case (SPC170X).

SPC170 Tool Kit List

 DescriptionStock Number
 6.5" Tongue and Groove Pliers019X420
 6" Slip Joint Plier019X526
 Combo Ratchet Screwdriver046X809
 6" Long Nose Plier w/ Cutter060X020
 5" Plier w/ Diagonal Flush Cutter060X060
 5" Diagonal Cutter w/ Strip Notches060X201
 16' Tape Measure062x062
 Electrician's Scissors083X018
 Double Ended Screwstarter for Slotted and Phillips Screws092X038
 4" Blade Extension108X155
 Regular Tool Handle108X158
 4-mm Nutdriver Blade108X165
 5-mm Nutdriver Blade108X167
 3/16" Nutdriver Blade108X170
 6-mm Nutdriver Blade108X171
 7/32" Nutdriver Blade108X172
 7-mm Nutdriver Blade108X173
 1/4" Nutdriver Blade108X175
 8-mm Nutdriver Blade108X177
 9/32" Nutdriver Blade108X178
 9-mm Nutdriver Blade108X179
 5/16" Nutdriver Blade108X180
 10-mm Nutdriver Blade108X182
 11/32" Nutdriver Blade108X183
 11-mm Nutdriver Blade108X184
 3/8" Nutdriver Blade108X185
 7/16" Nutdriver Blade108X187
 1/2" Nutdriver Blade108X188
 1/4" Slotted Blade108X242
 3/16" Slotted Blade108X250
 #1 Phillips Blade108X254
 #2 Phillips Blade108X256
 8 1/8" Slot Screwdriver108X550
 4 5/8" Slot Screwdriver108X558
 9 5/8" Slot Screwdriver108X584
 10 1/2" Slot Screwdriver108X596
 Slot Screwdriver, 5/32" X 4"108X602
 #0 Phillips Screwdriver108X800
 #1 Phillips Screwdriver108X801
 #2 Phillips Screwdriver108X802
 13-Piece Balldriver Set175X927
 9-Piece Balldrive Set175X990
 3 1/2" Two-Blade Electrician's Knife211X767
 AA-Size Industrial Flashlight250X100
 Vice-Grip 6 Inch Long Nose-Type321X030
 8-16 AWG Stranded T-Stripper370X214
 Battery/ Alternator Tester740X817
 1/2" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip940x004
 1 1/8" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip940x008
 Spectris Tool S2028 Wire Stripper, 16-26 AWG940X010
 Spectris Tool S2030 Wire Stripper/ Crimper Combo Tool, 10-22 AWG940X016
 Black Cordura Zipper Tool Case082X838

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