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Spectris Tool® STR-5166H 5/16

Spectris Tool STR-5166H 5/16'' Slotted Screwdriver, 6'' Blade

Spectris Tool® STX-13H #1 Phillips Screwdriver, 3

Spectris Tool STX-13H #1 Phillips Screwdriver, 3'' Blade

Spectris Tool STX-04 #0 Phillips Screwdriver, 4'' Blade

The Spectris Tool® STX-04 #0 Phillips Screwdriver is designed with a 4" blade, made of high quality SVCM alloy steel, magnetic tip and dual-component, molded cushion grip. The PP and TPV handle is slip resistant and protected from chemical, oil and most solvents. With the tip size marking on the handle you can find the right screwdriver immediately. Increase torque when inserting additional tools in the hanger hole and making your screwdriver a T-handle.

The Spectris Tool STX-04 Phillips screwdriver meets the DIN, ISO and ANSI standards. The high torque coefficient prevents breaking the screwdriver when it is overstressed. Overall length is 6-13/16" (173 mm). LIFETIME warranty.
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