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SPC140 Cable Lacing Kit

The Specialized Products SPC140 Cable Lacing Kit offers a natural color 9-ply waxed polyester twine (4 spools) and cable lacing/sewing needles. A curved, notched 5-3/4" sewing needle with a durable red anodized aluminum handle is designed to harness or lace multiple lead bundles. It comes with 6 replacement blades. A Chicago-style straight metal sewing needle is 0.16" thick and 12" long. A wire loop puller (8-1/2" long) facilitates pulling wire through terminal blocks, rings on main frame or fanning strip holes. Six replacement wire loops included. The lacing twine specifications: 1000 Denier, twist prep "S" (7-9) and cable "Z" (3.1-4.1), 115 lbs min. loop strength, 17% max. elongation. It yields 191 yards per 1/2 lb max.

The SPC140 kit also includes electrician scissors and anti-vibration half-finger glove liners with padded palm, large (one-size-fits-all). It is supplied in a water-resistant mechanic's tool bag (12" x 6" x 6").

SPC140 Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 Electrician Scissors 054X200
 Red Mechanics Bag 081X220
 Cable Lacing Needle, Straight Metal, 0.16" x 12" 210X463
 Cable Lacing Needle, Curved, 5.63" 210X465
 Replacement Cable Sewing Blades, 6/Pk 210X467
 8" Cable Lacing Wire Loop, 2/Pk 210X471
 Replacement Cable Lacing Wire Loops, 6/Pk 210X472
 Anti-Vibration Glove Liners, Large 815X796
 Lacing Twine, 9-Ply Waxed Poly/ 191yd. Spool, 4/Pk 881X018

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