SPC680 Fiber Inspection Kit, AFL FOCIS-WIFI2 Probe w/Tips

The Specialized Products SPC680 Fiber Optic Kit offers a connector inspection system with universal UPC and APC ferrule adapter tips. The probe features a one-button operation, magnification from 80X to 700X, and multi-color LED for pass/fail analysis with IEC/IPC/AT&T or user-defined settings. It is used to inspect single and multi-fiber connectors for dirt or damage on patch cords or in bulkhead adapters within seconds. The inspection tool offers automatic and manual focus, auto centering and live image video streaming. With rechargeable Li-ion battery, built-in fillable pdf reporter, day/time stamp and ability to pair with an iOS, Android smart device or the aeRos cloud-based workflow management platform, this inspection system can be used semi-independently.

The FOCIS-WIFI2 fiber inspection probe comes with an AC charger in a soft carry case. Included adapters tips: 1.25 mm APC, 2.5 mm APC, 1.25 mm UPC, and 2.5 mm UPC.

SPC680 Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 Fiber Connector Inspection Probe 812X155
 Universal 1.25mm APC Ferrule Adapter Tip 812X312
 Universal 2.5mm APC Ferrule Adapter Tip 812X313
 Universal 1.25mm UPC Ferrule Adapter Tip 812X323
 Universal 2.5mm UPC Ferrule Adapter Tip 812X325

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