SPC35RD Standard Fiber Optic Tool Kit, 8.5'' Roto-Rugged Case

SPC35RD Standard Fiber Optic Tool Kit, 8.5'' Roto-Rugged Case

SPC28 Basic Fiber Optic Tool Kit, 5.5'' Hard Case

SPC28 Basic Fiber Optic Tool Kit, 5.5'' Hard Case

SPC870 Fiber Optic Tool Kit for Installers, 9'' Roto-Rugged Case

The Specialized Products SPC870 Fiber Optic Installer Tool Kit features a comprehensive collection of essential tools required for tasks associated with installation, maintenance and termination of fiber optic cables. It includes cable splicers kit, Kevlar shears, screwdrivers, pliers, files, safety glasses, fiber optic cleaning equipment, plus other tools.

The SPC870 kit is supplied in a heavy duty 9" deep roto-rugged case with two removable tool pallets. The black case 082x934 (no tools) is also available separately. The 24.8-pound kit measures 18" x 14.75" x 9" (inside dimensions). Tools come with lifetime warranties; the case has a one-year warranty.

See SPECIFICATIONS tab for the complete list of tools.

The SPC870 is a Basic Fiber Install Kit in a ruggedized heavy-duty case. This universal kit includes a comprehensive collection of essentials for fiber optic cable installation, maintenance and termination. Remove sheaths, cut strength members, strip cable and install equipment with just one kit.

The cable splicer's kit features a splicer's knife with a tough steel coping-style blade plus stain- and rust-resistant steel multi-purpose scissors with serrated blade in a stitched and riveted holster. Use the provided plastic pump bottle with exclusive "Twistlock" pump to dispense alcohol (not included). A unique hand-held fiber cleaning dispenser assures totally dirt- and lint-free field connections for optimal signal transmission. Its "Ultra White" non-woven, lint-free film removes dust, dirt, oil and grease from fiber and ferrule end faces.

A precision fiber optic stripper is manufactured to tolerances tighter than .0005". It requires less than a pound of peak force for stripping coated fiber. Fiber guide assures concentric scoring and precision-stripped, nick-free fiber without cladding or core damage. Use this tool with cutter blade set for singlemode 125-µm fiber cladding with hard, tough or thick coating/buffer up to 250 mm.

The high-leverage 6.5" Kevlar shear has non-slip hardened stainless steel serrated blades. It trims back the DuPont Kevlar® that serves as the central strength member in optical fiber. This hot-forged, high-carbon steel tool has a quick-action spring response. Use the silicone adhesive/sealant for resealing splice closures.

All the fiber optic tools and supplies come organized on two removable pallets in a high-density black polyethylene tool case. Special heavy-duty material has extra-deep exterior ridges to make this case virtually indestructible. Protruding bumpers protect both case and tools from damage. A heavy-duty tongue strap with grommet secures the top tool pallet in the lid. Includes chrome keyed latches, combination lock, piano hinge, lid stays and comfortable padded handle.

SPC870 Tool Kit List

 DescriptionStock Number
 Straight Reamer/Scraper013X300
 5-pc Fold-Up Hex Key Set, 3/16"-3/8"023X220
 No-Nik Wire Strippers, .10024x069
 Splicer's Kit024X290
 1 5/16" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip028X710
 10" Utility Plier030X387
 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver046x745
 Half Round 8" File048X088
 Standard Diagonal Cutter060x018
 6" Standard Long-Nose Plier with Side Cutters060X020
 9" High-Leverage NE SideCutter060X038
 Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 8"060X554
 Four-Ounce Pump Bottle068X214
 Industrial Acid Brush Only083X149
 Tape Measure, 8M087X343
 Retractable Utility Knife087X400
 Glass Flux Bottle, 1/2 Ounce088X600
 FiberClean Dispensing System091X101
 Tie Wraps, 6", 100/pkg091X601
 Tie Wraps, 15", 100/pkg091X681
 Standard Replacement Blades106X008
 Standard Precision Knife106X530
 Kevlar Cutter155x152
 Precision-Point Tweezer169X961
 Angled-Point Tweezer169X969
 7-pc Folding Hex Set, 1.5mm - 6mm175X668
 250 Micron Buffer Stripper212X500
 Fiber Optic Shears262X370
 Safety Glasses, Clear300X180
 Seam Ripper300X271
 Kimwipes 4.5" x 8.5", 280/Box300X415
 RTV Silicone Adhesive / Sealant318X375
 Vice-Grip 6" Long Nose-Type321X030
 Wire Marker Dispenser370X131
 Coaxial Cable Stripper370X236
 Serrated Kevlar Cutter w/ Notch370x405
 Vinyl Electrical Tape598X475
 Syringe w/ Needle721X095
 15/16" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip940x006
 1/4" X 4" Slotted Screwdriver940x120
 5/16" X 6" Slotted Screwdriver940x130
 #1 X 3" Phillips Screwdriver940x140
 #2 X 4" Phillips Screwdriver940x155
 HD Polyethelyne 9" Case with Two Pallets082X934

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