IDEAL 62-140 TRACETone Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe

IDEAL 62-140 TRACETone Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe

Triplett Byte TVR10 100 1000K LAN Network Tester

Triplett Byte TVR10/100/1000K LAN Network Tester

Tempo 711K Professional Tone and Probe Kit

The Tempo Communications 711K Tone and Probe Kit is used to identify wires and troubleshoot communications circuits quickly and accurately. Designed for telecom professionals, this kit is for use on single conductors, twisted pairs, coax cables and de-energized electrical wiring.

The 711K test kit includes 200GX inductive amplifier, 77GX tone generator, two-line RJ-11 modular plug test leads, standard alligator clips and a rugged carrying case. This 3-pound kit measures 10" x 5" x 2". One-year warranty.

To provide a single solution for the professional, Tempo developed the Pro Tone and Probe Kit that includes everything except complexity. Featuring rugged industrial design, this professional-grade combination of instruments sends tone to identify wires and troubleshoot communications circuits. It incorporates many user-requested features, resulting in easy-to-use tools that are truly progressive.

The 77GX Tone Generator features microprocessor-controlled circuitry for increased reliability and +8 dBm output power in 600 ohms. For multiple line identification, it produces three selectable warble tone outputs (2.5-Hz slow, 6-Hz medium and 13-Hz fast). Two-color LEDs provide two-line polarity indication for fast outlet checks. This toner offers selectable power outputs for use on open or shorted pairs, continuity testing, talk battery supply and automatic shut-off to prevent battery drain.

Model 200GX Inductive Amplifier features simple, one-button operation and a comfortable, ergonomic design. Its adjustable volume sensitivity control, LED visual signal strength indication and powerful speaker make it ideal for noisy environments. The recessed terminal port allows for telephone test set connection, and a recessed power button prevents battery drain. The conductive plastic carbon-fiber tip prevents accidental shorts when probing wires.

Each unit is powered by an AL-9V battery (available separately). Battery life is 100 hours for the 77GX and 50 hours for the 200GX. 

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